Building better athletes to meet the challenges of life and sport

Run After Fitness provides personalized training programs that are impactful, coaching that educates, and the support needed for anyone eager to conquer their fitness and sport performance goals.

About Run After Fitness

Vision: Build better everyday athletes.

Mission: Helping EVERY BODY pursue fitness and sport performance goals one move at a time.

How it gets done?

You’re You: Everyone is an individual with their own movement, activity and sports experiences. Work and play can leave a history of aches and pains. To be a better physical you, your training plan must fit your needs, goals and current abilities. Using various assessments and helping you create realistic goals is how we begin building your personalised program.

Quality Programming: A quality program isn’t just about throwing exercises together based on is current the rage in fitness. It is built on your goals and needs we discovered during the assessments. A good training plan mixes in a variety of exercises and equipment to balance out cardio, strength, mobility & stability needs to challenge you and keep the workouts fun. Finally, it is monitored…by tracking progress with workout logs…chatting about how everything feels…and “testing” the program’s effectiveness via reassessment.

Know How: Knowledge is power – truly. Research, continuing education and years of experience training people from all walks of life, all ages and in a variety of sports is the knowledge I bring to you. But what I know is only part of work together. Your program will be the most effective if you gain the knowledge to be able to be active and keep challenging yourself throughout life. So, ask questions!

Collaboration: Your program is ultimately a collaboration between the both of us. Have concerns? Got questions because a friend said there is a better way to do something? Let’s discuss it so we can keep you on track to chasing down your goals

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